• World Vanquisher originates from CHUNITHM. It is one of the few songs in CHUNITHM to have the current maximum difficulty level of MASTER 14.
    • Another of such is Ikazuchi, also included in the collaboration.
    • World Vanquisher was added to SEGA's own rhythm game, maimai, at a later date.
  • This song has the second longest section requiring more than 2 fingers, lasting for about 22.5 seconds (64 beats at 170 BPM). The longest is found in Ether Strike.
  • World Vanquisher is currently the only collaboration song which requires World Mode to unlock.
  • World Vanquisher is the only song that has level 9+ future chart and level 5 present chart and one of 2 songs that have level 9+ future chart and level 2 past chart
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