World Mode is Arcaea's equivalent of a story mode, in which content such as songs and Partners can be unlocked by progressing through maps. This mode was added in version 1.5. Partners can gain EXP and level up when playing in this mode. Only registered users who are logged in have access to this mode.

Chapters & MapsEdit

When the 'World' button on the main menu is pressed, a chapter selection screen is displayed. Upon selecting a chapter, a map selection screen is displayed. Many maps have unlock conditions, such as spending Fragments or purchasing song packs.


Tiles & StepsEdit

Tiles types (172 update)

Tiles. Image credit: Japanese Arcaea Wiki

The hexagonal spaces forming a zigzag up the screen are called Tiles. As you climb up the Tiles, you can receive the rewards stated on them. In order to progress, you need to gain Steps by playing songs. The number displayed under each Tile is the number of Steps you need to get to the next Tile. For more detailed information (Step count and reward) on each individual map, see World Mode Data.

Tiles, as well as Steps, are counted starting from 0 instead of 1, and Steps only have 1 decimal place.

  • To complete a map, you'll need to progress the number of Tiles displayed on the map selection screen + 1.
  • To move to the next Tile, you'll need to gain the number of Steps on the current Tile + 0.1. Hence, you might have gained enough Steps, but have not moved to the next Tile. However, the final Tile on every map has a Step count of 0, so the additional 0.1 may be omitted.



Stamina count. Image credit: Japanese Arcaea Wiki

Unlike Music Play mode, you must consume two Stamina for each song play. Stamina can be recovered in three ways:

  • 30 minutes for 1 stamina (3 hours for a full refill from an empty meter)
  • 50 Memories for 6 stamina
  • 1000 Fragments for 6 stamina

If you don't have enough Stamina, the "Music Play" button will be greyed out.

World play button disabled

Disabled Play Button

If you recover stamina using Fragments, you will have to wait 24 hours until you can do so again.

  • Originally, the waiting time was 3 days, but was changed to 2 days in 1.5.2, and then to 1 day as it is now in 1.7.0.

Your Stamina can exceed the maximum amount of 6, shown on the bar as +N. Theoretically, there is no limit to excess stamina, but the highest that players have managed thus far is +7.


After playing a song, your partner will receive experience points (EXP for short), and you'll gain Steps determined by chart potential (see Potential). You will not gain Fragments, but it will affect your Potential. The number of Steps earned is also influenced by your partner's STEP stat.

Every 1 STEP above or below 50 equates to 2% steps above or below what you would normally get. For example, if your song result is 10.0 and your Partner has a STEP stat of 50, you'll gain exactly 10 steps. If your Partner has a STEP stat of 80, you would get a 60% increase, which would be 16.0 steps gained. Conversely, if your Partner has a STEP stat of 30, you'll get a 40% decrease, which would only net you 6.0 steps.


Legacy banner

Since version 1.7, special chapters known as Legacy chapters have been introduced. In these chapters, the number of Stamina required per play (by selecting "Play") is reduced from 2 to 1.


A "Play+" button is available in these chapters, where one can multiply the number of Steps achieved by spending more Stamina and/or Fragments.

Playing a song by selecting "Play+" requires 2, 4, or 6 Stamina, and results in x2, x4, and x6 Step count respectively. Fragments can also be consumed to further upscale the Step count: consuming 100, 250, and 500 Fragments results in ×1.1, ×1.25, and ×1.5 Step count, respectively.

Chapter 0: ExtraEdit

Chapter 0 contains one map (0-B) that can be replayed indefinitely. In addition, all limited-time events are listed here. These can only be completed once and disappear after the stipulated end time. There are also unrestricted events with unlockable songs and Partners.

Chapter 0 22

Image credit: Japanese Arcaea Wiki

Event corner

Limited Event Map Edit

This is a single map, 0-LE (Limited Event), used to host all limited-time events. Although each event is available only for its listed duration, returning events are possible.

Event Tiles (Steps) Unlock Requirements Total Rewards Dates Available
Stellights 86 (851) Purchase Yosakura Fubuki Stella, 1650 Fragments 2017-11-24 to 2017-11-30
Metallic Punisher 87 (865) Purchase Metallic Punisher Ilith, 2512 Fragments 2018-02-16 to 2018-02-24
carmine:scythe 84 (862) Purchase carmine:scythe Shirabe, 2400 Fragments 2018-04-29 to 2018-05-05 & 2018-12-09 to 2018-12-16
Fixed Speed I 85 (575) Purchase dropdead 1500 fragments 2018-08-13 to 2018-08-20
Fixed Speed II 74 (725) Purchase Fallensquare 1740 fragments 2018-08-13 to 2018-08-20
Summer Special 113 (1332) Purchase Auxesia Hikari (Summer), Tairitsu (Summer), 3683 fragments 2018-08-31 to 2018-09-09
Phantasia 65 (1065) Purchase Phantasia Ayu, 2800 fragments 2018-11-29 to 2018-12-06
2018 Winter Event 55


Purchase Empire of Winter Eto & Luna, 2750 fragments 2018-12-23 to 2018-12-31
Groove Coaster Event 144 (1800) Purchase Groove Coaster Collaboration Yume, 3500 fragments 2018-01-09 to 2018-01-23

Other Maps Edit

Map Another Name Tiles (Steps) Unlock Requirement Total Rewards
0-A Fragments I* 50 (500) No longer available 550 Fragments per playthrough
0-B Fragments II* 50 (455) Default 500 Fragments per playthrough
0-L Lanota 34 (367) Purchase Lanota Collaboration Hikari & Fisica, 390 Fragments
0-T Tone Sphere 37 (376) Purchase Tone Sphere Collaboration Tairitsu & Trin, 360 Fragments
0-G Groove Coaster 45 (360) Purchase Groove Coaster Collaboration Hikari & Seine, 385 Fragments

* The first map was introduced in version 1.5, but was deleted with the introduction of Stamina Plus Tiles, wherein it was replaced by the second map.

Chapter 1: Lost WorldEdit


This is the first, and currently the only Legacy chapter.

Map Another Name Tiles (Steps) Unlock Requirement Total Rewards
1-1 Light I 75 (490) Default Babaroque, Shades of Light in a Transcendent Realm, Kanagawa Cyber Culvert, 350 Fragments
1-2 Conflict I 75 (490) Default Lucifer, Anökumene, Ignotus, 350 Fragments
1-3 Light II 125 (1,185) Buy with 200 Fragments Harutopia ~Utopia of Spring~, GOODTEK (Arcaea Edit), Dreamin' Attraction!!, 625 Fragments
1-4 Conflict II 125 (1,185) Buy with 200 Fragments Rabbit In The Black Room, qualia -ideaesthesia-, Red and Blue, 625 Fragments
1-5 Eternal 65 (650) Purchase Eternal Core Essence of Twilight, PRAGMATISM, Sheriruth, 750 Fragments
1-6 Vicious I 60 (600) Purchase Vicious Labyrinth Axium Crisis, Tairitsu (Axium Crisis), 750 Fragments
1-7 Vicious II 20 (149) Unlock Grievous Lady on any difficulty Tairitsu (Grievous Lady), 300 Fragments

Chapter 2: Outer ReachesEdit

Chapter 2
Map Another Name Tiles (Steps) Unlock Requirement Total Rewards
2-1 Extra I 96 (1146) Default Syro, Blaster, Cybernecia Catharsis, 1110 Fragments
2-2 Binary I 21 (211) Purchase Binary Enfold Eto, 353 Fragments
2-3 Binary II 35 (419) (See below) Luna, 703 Fragments
2-4 γuarδina 33 (369) Purchase Dynamix Collaboration γuarδina, 360 Fragments

Map 2-3 Unlock RequirementEdit

In order to unlock map 2-3, you would have to play the song Singularity under these conditions:

  1. Eto is your selected Partner.
  2. Eto is Level 6 or higher.
  3. You are playing on a difficulty corresponding to your Potential:
    • < 5: Any difficulty chart
    • ≥ 5 and < 10: Present or Future chart only
    • >10: Future chart only

If these conditions are met, at 1:06 in the Song, Luna will appear, mouthing the phrase «If you can». This causes the floor track to fall out, with only her sprite in the background.

From this point until 1:28, if your LOST Note count is kept below a certain number (see table below), Map 2-3 will be unlocked upon clearing the Song. Exceeding the allowable count immediately causes Luna to disappear, and the Map will not be unlocked.

The allowable LOST Note count depends on Eto's level. Current known values, according to information from the Japanese Wiki and the Discord chat, are:

Eto's Level Allowable 'LOST' Notes
6 0
7 0
8 0
9 0
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 4
15 6
16 8
17 10
18 12
19 15
20 21

Chapter 3: Spire of ConvergenceEdit

Chapter 3 World Mode
Map Another Name Tiles (Steps) Unlock Requirement Total Rewards
3-1 Extra II 59 (794) Default Suomi, Rugie, 794 Fragments
3-2 Conflict III 62 (1,295) Buy with 200 Fragments Bookmaker (2D Version), Illegal Paradise, LunarOrbit -believe in the Espebranch road-, 1055 Fragments
3-3 Luminous I 35 (215) Purchase Luminous Sky Ether Strike, Hikari (Zero), 200 Fragments
3-4 Luminous II 22 (565) Unlock Fracture Ray Hikari (Fracture), 750 Fragments
3-5 Conflict IV 40 (400) Buy with 200 Fragments Nhelv, 500 Fragments

Tile TypesEdit

There are many different types of Tiles, each with its own function. The required Step count for one Tile generally differs from Tile to Tile.

Tile Icon
Label Icon
Step tile
Uncleared and cleared Tiles have this appearance, with the addition of the required Step count on uncleared Tiles.
Current Tile
Step tile current
Your currently selected Partner is displayed above this Tile, and the remaining Steps to move to the next Tile is displayed on the bottom.
Song Restriction Tile
Step tile restrict
Step banner restrict
To progress on these Tiles, you need to play a specific Song or Song Pack. There is no restriction on difficulty.
Fixed Speed Tile
Step tile speedrestrict
Step banner speedrestrict
To progress on these Tiles, you need to play Songs under a predetermined Note Speed. There is no restriction on difficulty.

  • So far, only "Speed = 2" restriction Tiles can be encountered (1-7 and 3-5), but future updates may implement more Speed restrictions.
Random Song Tile
Step tile random
Step banner random
To progress on these Tiles, you'll need to play a randomly-chosen Song either from the whole collection or limited to a certain Song Pack. There is no restriction on difficulty.
Stamina Plus Tile
Step tile plusstamina
Step banner plusstamina
Upon ending a turn on these Tiles, the listed amount of Stamina is recovered.

  • In order to receive the listed Stamina amount, you must end a turn exactly on the Tile. No Stamina is replenished if the Tile is missed.
Fragment Reward Tile
Step tile
Reward fragment
Appears identical to a normal Tile. Upon reaching these Tiles, the listed amount of Fragments are gained.

  • You do not have to end a turn exactly on the Tile to get the Fragments, as opposed to Stamina Plus Tiles; you gain the Fragments even when moving past the Tile.
Song Reward Tile
Step tile
Reward song shadow
Appears identical to a normal Tile. Upon reaching these Tiles, you'll unlock the displayed Song.

  • You do not have to end a turn exactly on the Tile in order to unlock the Song, as opposed to Stamina Plus Tiles; you unlock the song even when moving past the Tile.
Partner Reward Tile
Step tile
Reward character

Appears identical to a normal Tile. Upon reaching these Tiles, you'll unlock the displayed Partner.

  • All current Partners are situated on the last Tile of their respective Maps, so these Tiles cannot be missed.

Icon ReferenceEdit

Picture Meaning

Map Completed

The green "COMPLETE" banner appears once you've completed a map. You'll no longer be able to access it.


Current Map

The map you most recently left off in.


Map Rewards

A check mark means that you already own the reward. This would be for players who had played the unlockable songs before World Mode was implemented; the chapter may not have been played at all, but the rewards are owned.

World Mode DataEdit

These pages are lists of step data and reward data fetched from the game server API. They are not likely to change, though it is possible for them to be reset in the game server.

Notes: Tiles on a map are divided into groups of 5 tiles. This might aid in calculations.

For ease of navigation, data sheets have been separated by chapter.


  • When playing a song in World Mode, you cannot retry until you finish or quit a song and return to the map.
    • Quitting a song in World Mode will abandon it. You will not earn progress (Steps and EXP). Moreover, the consumed Stamina will not be refunded, even though the song is not completed.
  • Extra II, despite being named chapter3_light internally, has both Light and Conflict songs.