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  • The actual name of Tutorial is "Word Problems".
  • This is the only song in the game that has storyboard as words (which is reasonable for tutorials).
  • When being played in Present, Tutorial is shown as "Advanced Tutorial".
  • To play Tutorial, go to the About section on the main menu, then click "Tutorial"
    • If you want to play the Past difficulty, select Basic. Select Advanced for Present difficulty play.

In-Game Storyboard


  • Welcome to Arcaea. Here are the basics to get started.
  • Tap 'Floor' notes as soon as they touch the input line. Tap the appropriate one of 4 Floor 'lanes' (you tap 4 'Floor notes)
  • Tap and hold long notes. Start when they reach the input line, release when they have passed it (you hold 4 Long notes)
  • Watch the upper input area for 'Sky' notes.
  • Hold a finger where 'Arc' notes approach. Keep holding until the notes has ended (you hold 2 Arcs)
  • Follow the movement of 'Arcs' by moving your finger left or right (you hold 4 Arcs that move left or right)
  • Use two fingers when two 'Arcs' appear. Keep the same finger on one color of Arc for it's duration (you hold 2 Arcs at the same time)
  • Reach 70 percent 'Recollection Rate' or above by the end of the songs to clear.
  • Let's try it out for real (you play the notes fall to the floor and sky input after then)
  • You can check this tutorial again any time from 'About' on the Main Menu.


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