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YouTube suicide 10,001,131 Finger taps (soft)
YouTube mau 10,001,151 (MAX) Finger taps
YouTube Ritxman 10,001,076 Finger taps (soft)


  • The extended version of Sheriruth appears in Team Grimoire's latest album, Grimoire of Darkness.
  • The chart designer name is likely an alias of Nitro, as 夜 means "night" and 浪 can be read "rou."
  • The word "sheriruth" refers to one of the spheres on the Tree of Evil, Qliphoth, a Kabbalistic concept. It is apparently pronounced "sheridar."



She'd awakened in a ruined tower, first noticing pieces of glass floating in the air. They led her outside, and into a world of white.

White, white, and more glass. It seemed attracted to her, so she examined the shards with piqued curiosity.

She could see glimpses sof something else in them, like looking through the windows of a train car. In one flash she saw rain, in another sunlight, and in another death. She grimaced, and pulled away.

Although it seemed attracted to her, at her attempts to reach out and shatter the glass the shards were naturally repelled. Her grimace deepened into a glare, and she turned her attention to the pale sky. However, as she glazed into it, her expression melted away. Her mouth opened, but she was too shaken to speak.

Glass: churning, glinting, and turning far overhead. There seemed to be a storm of it.

She regretted giving it attention, as now it seemed to notice, and was coming down to greet her.


彼女は瓦礫の塔で目を覚ました。 そして、空中に浮かぶガラス片に気がついた。ガラス片は彼女を外へ、白い世界へと導いた。


電車の窓から見える景色のように、破片の中には一瞬だけ何か他の物を見ることができた。 ある破片には雨を、ある破片には日差しを、ある破片には死を見た。 彼女は顔をしかめ、ガラス片を引き離した。

それでもガラス片は彼女に寄ってきた。 彼女が手を伸ばしてガラス片を砕こうとすると、ガラス片は自然に離れていった。 彼女は顔をしかめそれを睨みつけると、ふと淡色の空を見上げた。 彼女は表情を失った。口を開けたまま、震えて声は出なかった。

遥か頭上で、激しく渦を巻き輝くガラス。それは嵐のようだった。 その嵐は彼女に気づいたようで、挨拶をしにこちらへと降りてくる様子だった。 彼女は空に注意を向けたことに後悔した。


It's difficult to describe that sensation which overwhelms her now. A riptide of glass that doesn't shatter, cut, or reflect her face, pushing past her in powerful amounts, turning up and swirling as if pulled by a great wind. She stands fast, and watches.

Watches... ...Memories...? ...Of a filthy world. "What is this...!?" She reaches out. "This...!"

A memory of pain, betrayal, envy.

When she stops it, she stops the rest. They stand still in the air around her, frozen. She whips her head this way and that. "They're only..."

Dark? Are they only dark? Wherever it is these shards reflect... she sees little light there. Whatever small sparks she sees fade away in an instant. She bites her lip, and then smiles a smile with no humor. "What kind of joke is that?" she mutters, "A world filled only with misery..."

As she says this, even her bitter smile fades away.


今彼女を圧倒している感覚を説明するのは難しい。 彼女の顔を映すでもなく、切り付けるでもなく、彼女を強く押しのけ、 大きな風に引っ張られるように振り回され渦巻く激しいガラスの波。 彼女は素早く立ち上がり、じっと観察する。 じっと… …記憶…? …汚い世界の。

「これは何なの!?」 彼女は手を伸ばす。 「この…!」 苦痛、裏切り、羨望の記憶。

それから彼女は動きを止める。ガラスも彼女を取り囲んだまま、止まっている。 彼女は強く頭を振る。「これはただの…」 闇? ただの闇?

破片の映す場所にはどこにも…ほとんど光が見えない。 見える小さな火花も瞬時に消える。彼女は唇を噛むと、暗い笑顔で笑う。

「何の冗談?」彼女は呟く。 「この世界は陰惨な塊…」そうして彼女の苦い笑みは消える


Without a clock, she has no way of knowing how long she's picked through memories, but she's sure it's been quite a long time.

For a while, she'd searched the fragments for more happy memories, just to see if they were there. They were, in small number, but the more miserable shards never ceased to hound her. So, she's come to know places she now loathed.

She now stands at the middle of a vast spiral of glass that turns about her slowly and resembles cosmos. She thinks there are two possibilities here: either the world or perhaps worlds these shards envision were entirely terrible, or since only terrible memories are here... In any case, she's decided to be rid of it all.

Something inside her has switched. Now when she looks at painful memories, she looks pleased. She gathers such memories, it seems, gleefully.

"If I can be rid of this trash, or even better the places it represents..." These places full of chaos and even light. That will make her happy.


どれほど長い間記憶を調べていたか、時計なしでは分からない。 非常に長い時間が経ったのは間違いないだろう。 彼女は幸せな記憶の欠片をしばらく探していた。 少数ではあったがそこにはあった。しかし、悲惨な破片が彼女をしつこく追いかける。

彼女はより一層この場所を忌み嫌うようになる。 彼女はゆっくりと旋回する、宇宙に似た広大なガラスの渦の中心に立つ。

彼女は2つの可能性について考えている。 この破片達は酷い記憶しか見せないのか。それとも此処にあるのが酷い記憶なだけなのか。

何れにせよ、彼女はそれをすべて取り除くことにする。 彼女の中の何かが変化する。

もはや苦しみの記憶を見ては、喜んでいるようだ。彼女は苦痛の記憶を集めている。それも悦んで。 「このゴミを排除できれば、せめて映す世界だけでも…」