Saya is a Partner in Arcaea. She is available through Dormant Echoes.



Saya is derived from Kanji: 沙 (sa) "sand" and 耶 (ya), used exclusively in names meaning "question mark."[1]


She has short, aquamarine-colored hair. Her right eye is replaced with a flower head, which obstructs her right eye to see anything.

Her dress is white and sleeveless and cuts down to the thighs. She wears a black cape with aquamarine-colored motif lining that goes from around her breasts down to the rest of her body. The vest has an inner, transparent black cloth with a patterned cut. She wears white gloves on her hands

She wears black high heels and black stocking with an aquamarine-colored lining on the top for her right leg.

She is constantly surrounded by flower heads and some can be seen used as ornaments.


Saya is a very inquisitive person and is content to find out how and why everything works in the first place. She is depicted throughout the story as the person who tries to find reason for everything that has happened, even down to breaking the rules to find out what the rules are. She carries, with her, questions that she keeps finding just by going around, and will keep traversing throughout the world of Arcaea to find answers.

Official Lore

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Adverse Prelude

Story adverseprelude
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Absolute Reason

Story absolutereason

Story cyaegha

Crimson Solace

Story crimsonsolace

Story gloryroad

Ambivalent Vision

Story ambivalentvision

Story corpssansorganes


Story meeting

Luminous Sky

Story luminoussky

Vicious Labyrinth

Story viciouslabyrinth

Eternal Core

Story eternalcore
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Stats by Level

LEVEL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
FRAG 55 55 55 55 56 57 59 61 64 68
STEP 59 59 59 59 60 61 62 65 68 72
LEVEL 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
FRAG 72 76 79 81 82 83 84 84 84 85
STEP 76 80 83 86 87 88 89 89 89 90


Saya is overall above average in terms of raw stats, having a sum of 175 from the baseline 160.

  • Her maximum FRAG stat translate to 1.70x fragment multiplier.
  • Her maximum STEP stat translate to 1.80x step multiplier for world mode.

This makes her one of the most well-rounded and versatile partners to use. However, due to the lack of any specialization, the actual use case for her is unfortunately minimal;

If the player has none of these characters yet, Saya is a great choice — however she is quickly substituted for any of the mentioned partners above once the player obtains and levels them.

With Saya's skill:

  • Recollection Rate change for PURE is multiplied by 2.
  • Recollection Rate change for FAR is multiplied by 0.
  • Recollection Rate change for LOST is multiplied by 3.

This skill, while a Balance skill, is more accurately described as a "slightly harder" normal recollection rate due to the rate not increasing for FAR notes, which results in a more punishing LOST note penalty.


  • Alexandrite, which features Saya in its artwork, was released in v1.7.6 before she was officially introduced as a partner in v2.0.0.


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