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Potential is a mechanic added in version 1.1.0. It acts as a value representing the player's skill level when playing online. It does not affect gameplay in any way, with the exception of unlocking World Mode's map 2-3 (see Singularity § Challenge). Playing songs while online will affect this value, displayed on the icon of your partner at the top of the screen.


There are six different backgrounds for your Potential rating representing six distinct ranks. The following table includes all ranks, along with Potential required and rough descriptions of them.

Icon Potential Description
Rating 0
0.00 The starting rank.
Rating 1
3.50 This rank likely encompasses people playing mainly on Present difficulty.
Rating 2
7.00 Purple-ranked players are probably starting to break into more difficult Future charts.
Rating 3
10.00 Those in this rank have probably cleared all level 9 charts and a few level 9+ charts. At the higher end, they've cleared most, if not all, of the Future charts in the game.
Rating 4
11.00 Anyone with this rank likely has hard cleared all Future charts, with many of them being Pure Memories.
Rating 5
12.00 A rank held by the most skilled, most consistent players in the world.


Note: Information is subject to change. Research at the Japanese Wiki is still ongoing. Most of the research credit goes to choka_noah and is posted here with their permission.

There are several relevant quantities to the Potential:

  • Chart constant - a value inherent to a chart, rounded to the nearest 1 decimal point
  • Chart potential - a value obtained by adding a bonus based on the score achieved to the chart constant
  • Recent entries - a list of 10 plays with the highest chart potential, out of the 30 most recent plays (charts can appear more than once, hence "plays")
  • Best entries - a list of 30 unique charts with the highest chart potential obtained on, of all time (charts can only appear once)

Potential is the average of the 40 total chart potentials recorded in recent entries and best entries. It is displayed up to two decimal points, with any more being truncated.

There are 2 special cases wherein Potential cannot decrease:

Plays falling under any of these situations are only updated in the recent entries if they cause an increase in Potential.

As such, the approach to maximize one's Potential is to:

  • Avoid grades below EX when online (for recent entries).
  • Maximize score in songs with higher chart constants (for best entries).

Chart Constant

Chart constants are internal values assigned to songs which are a more precise representation of their difficulty than their difficulty levels. It is currently unknown whether these values are determined by lowiro's opinion or calculated with an algorithm.

Chart constants for various songs, as well as the methods used to obtain these values, are detailed in Songs by Chart Constant.

In addition to determining Potential gain/loss from a song, they also determine how much Steps are gained when completing songs in World Mode. As chart constants are stored on lowiro's server and not within the game files, Potential does not change and World Mode is inaccessible when not connected online.

Chart Potential

Chart potentials are intermediate variables computed from the song's chart constant and your score on the song.

At 9,500,000 points, the chart potential you receive upon playing a chart is exactly equal to its chart constant. Any score above this awards a bonus, and any score below this incurs a penalty. This value is lower-bounded at 0 as it cannot be negative. Below is a table showing the formula for calculating chart potential for various score ranges.

Score Chart Potential
≥ 10,000,000 $ \text{Chart Constant} + 2.0 $
(Fixed value)
9,950,000 ~ 9,999,999 $ \text{Chart Constant} + 1.5 + \dfrac{\text{Score} - 9,950,000}{100,000} $
(Rapid increase)
9,800,000 ~ 9,949,999 $ \text{Chart Constant} + 1.0 + \dfrac{\text{Score} - 9,800,000}{400,000} $
(Slow increase)
≤ 9,800,000 $ \text{Chart Constant} + \dfrac{\text{Score} - 9,500,000}{300,000} $
(Lower bound at 0)

Below are the notable scores:

Grade Score Chart Potential
EX 10,000,000 Chart constant + 2.0
9,950,000 Chart constant + 1.5
9,800,000 Chart constant + 1.0
AA 9,500,000 Chart constant
A 9,200,000 Chart constant - 1.0
B 8,900,000 Chart constant - 2.0 (if chart constant < 2, this is 0)
C 8,600,000 Chart constant - 3.0 (if chart constant < 3, this is 0)

For example, Sayonara Hatsukoi [FTR] has a chart constant of 6.5, so if you obtain a Pure Memory, the corresponding chart potential is 8.5. This is the value that gets saved in your recent/best entries.

Maximum Potential

In order to have the maximum Potential available, you need to have the highest possible chart potential that can be recorded in recent entries and best entries.

Recent Entries

Since chart potentials of the same song can appear infinity times per chart as the recent entries, you can get the maximum total of recent entries possible by getting a Pure Memory on Grievous Lady [FTR] 10 times. Each chart potential reflected in recent entries is that:

$ \bigl[11.2 \text{ (Chart Constant)} + 2.0 \text{ (Score Bonus)}\bigr] \times 10 \text{ (Plays)} = 132.0 $

Best Entries

Since chart potentials of the same songs can appear only once per chart as the best entries, you can get the maximum total of best entries possible by getting a Pure Memory on 30 charts that have the highest chart constant on Future:

Chart Constant Number of Songs
9.8 7 (out of 8)
9.9 2
10.0 3
10.1 ~ 11.0 16
11.1+ 2

The total chart constant of these songs is 307.8, so obtaining Pure Memory on them will give a total Potential of:

$ 307.8 + 2.0 \times 30 = 367.8 $

Adding the total recent entries and the total best entries, then dividing by 40 and rounding down gives:

$ \frac{367.8 + 132.0}{40} \approx 12.49 $

This yields the highest possible Potential one can currently obtain: 12.49.