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This page lists official links where you can listen to the music in Arcaea. These songs are uploaded by the artists for free listening. We do not support unofficial uploads; they will be removed on sight. Genres listed are based on songs' SoundCloud tags (if available) or BMS genre (if applicable).


  • SC - SoundCloud
  • YT - YouTube
  • VM - Vimeo
  • BC - Bandcamp


Song Links Notes Genre
Sayonara Hatsukoi SC Original version. Album: Azuressence (Bandcamp) Drum & Bass
Fairytale SC Original version Folk Music
Vexaria SC Classical Breaks
Rise YT Album: Combat's Sweet Music (Bandcamp) Chiptune
Lucifer SC Cyber Hymn Breaks
Snow White SC Extended version : Snow White (Soundcloud) Spirit Chill
Shades of Light in a Transcendent Realm SC High DnB
YT Project breakdown video
Babaroque SC Full version. Album: Oracle (Bandcamp) Trance
Lost Civilization SC Hardcore
GOODTEK (Arcaea Edit) SC Original BMS version. GOODPUMP
qualia -ideaesthesia- SC Variant Trance / Tech Dance
SC Original full 7min song ("qualia")
cry of viyella SC Hardcore
I've heard it said YT Full version. Album: Journey (Bandcamp) Electronic
memoryfactory.lzh SC Electronic
Relentless No official version known
Lumia No official version known
Essence of Twilight SC Preview only SchranzCore
Sheriruth No official version known
Dement ~after legend~ SC Artcore
Dandelion SC JPop
Infinity Heaven SC Melodic Trance
Anökumene SC Artcore
Brand new world SC Album crossfade for Vivid Light High School JPop
Paradise SC Album: Lavenue (Extended Mix) House
Flashback SC Album: Frost Era (extended mix, Diverse Direct) Artcore
Flyburg and Endroll YT Album: Alice Schach and the Reminiscent Bibliotheca
Party Vinyl YT
Nirv lucE SC Full version. Album: storia (Tweet)
Chronostasis SC BMS uncut version. Timeless Artcore
Kanagawa Cyber Culvert YT Album: AD:PIANO IV Monochrome (original full version)
DataErr0r SC Artcore
Cross†Soul SC Full version. Korean vocals. Digital Step Core
Your voice so... feat. Such SC Full version. Album: FÜGENE and PSYQUI - Your Voice So... Future Core
Clotho and the stargazer SC Original BMS version. Eschatology
Moonlight of Sand Castle SC New Age Waltz
REconstruction SC Drumstep
Evoltex (poppi'n mix) SC Extended mix. Album: Electric Emotion J-Core
Oracle SC EP: Viatores (coming soon) Renaissance
αterlβus SC Hardcore
Ignotus SC Album: Capture (XFD) Freeform, DnB
Impure Bird No official version known
Harutopia ~Utopia of Spring~ SC Album: Harutopia Electronic
Blossoms SC Dance & EDM
Romance Wars SC Preview only Pop
Moonheart SC Future Core
Genesis SC Electronic
Lethaeus SC Album: Rainbow Frontier (remix)
Auxesia SC Preview only Hardcore
Rabbit In The Black Room SC Nightmare Hardcore
Modelista Album: NINJA IS THRILL Hi-Tech Fullon
One Last Drive SC Future Bass
Dreamin' Attraction!! SC Happy Hardcore
Red and Blue SC
Iconoclast Album: きまぐれウィッチスミス (The Capricious Witchsmith)
trappola bewitching SC Gothic Hardtrapcore
conflict YT Original BMS version. Melodic Schranz
Axium Crisis SC Preview only Artcore, Breaks, DnB
Grievous Lady Album: Team Grimoire - UMBRA MORTIS Melodic Darkcore
Surrender SC Demo only. Album: Movement on the FLOOR - Voltage Ignition 2 Trance
Yosakura Fubuki No official version known. Edited version of the first track on A.SAKA's album 神楽ノ舞 (Kagura no Mai).
Reinvent SC Artcore
Syro No official version known Hardcore
Dream goes on No official version known
Journey SC Artcore
Specta No official version known
Quon No official version known Artcore
cyanine SC Longer version originally used in Lanota Dance & EDM
Metallic Punisher No official version known
Blaster No official version known
next to you No official version known Eurobeat
Silent Rush SC Melodic Trance
Strongholds Album: Lethal Weapon Hybrid Moombahcore
Memory Forest SC Album: Infomorph Drum & Bass
Singularity SC Album: Infomorph UK Hardcore
carmine:scythe No official version known
γuarδina SC Hardcore
Cybernecia Catharsis BC Album: 3RD
Be There Album: PSYQUI - Your Voice So... Future Core
inkar-usi No official version known Folk Music
Call My Name feat. Yukacco Album: FÜGENE2 Future Core
Suomi SC Preview. Album: Lilium X5 Electro House
Bookmaker (2D Version) SC Album: Fionaredica Hardcore
Illegal Paradise SC Gothic Schranz
Maze No.9 Album: Alice Schach and the Reminiscent Bibliotheca
The Message No official version known
Sulfur No official version known
Halcyon YT BMS version. Long version available in GroundbreakinG -BOF2010 Compilation Album- RENNAISANCE HARDCORE
Fracture Ray SC ArtStep
Nhelv YT Album: Rainbow Frontier (extended ver)

Also available at Groundbreaking -BOF2017 Compilation Album-



dropdead SC Trap
Fallensquare SC High Contrast
LunarOrbit -believe in the Espebranch road- SC Metal
Purgatorium No official version known
Alexandrite No official version known
Hikari BC Album: Telescope

Also available in Tone Sphere OST - Dark Moon

Hall of Mirrors SC OST: Tone Sphere OST - Luminous Sun Dance & EDM
STAGER (ALL STAGE CLEAR) OST: Tone Sphere OST - Luminous Sun
Linear Accelerator OST: STRLabel x Tone Sphere
Tiferet SC OST: Tone Sphere OST - Luminous Sun Post Rock
Rugie SC Demo only. Album: Arrêter le temps Artcore
Astral tale No official version known
Phantasia YT Dance & EDM
Empire of Winter SC DnB, Artcore, Neurofunk style
MERLIN Album: Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack 2018 Vol.1 - Dream (US Available)
DX Choseinou Full Metal Shojo Album: Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack 2018 Vol.2 - Starlight (Extended Mix) (US Available)
OMAKENO Stroke Album: Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack (US Available)

Also available in Ponko2 Girlish

Scarlet Lance Album: Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack 2018 Vol.1 - Dream (US Available)
ouroboros -twin stroke of the end- Album: Groove Coaster Original Soundtrack 2018 Vol.2 - Starlight (US Available)

Also available in Rave-SLave 2018 (re;birth)

Libertas SC Hi-Tech
Solitary Dream No official version known
Antithese SC Free download
Black Territory SC EP: Black Territory Hardcore
Corruption YT
Vicious Heroism No official version known
Cyaegha No official version known Hardcore
Grimheart SC Extended. Album: Grimheart Remixes (free DL) Chill Trap
YT BMS Version
ReviXy SC Freeform
SUPERNOVA No official version known Trance Requiem
Dot to Dot feat. shully SC Album: FÜGENE3 Future Core
Dreadnought SC Album: World Fragments (Full Ver.) Hard ArtCore
Particle Arts YT EP: Virtual Self (Spotify/iTunes) NEOTRANCE (IIDX Genre)
Vindication SC Drumstep
Heavensdoor SC Beat
Ringed Genesis No official version known Hardstyle
Mirzam YT-siqloSC-Aoi
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