Official Sound



  • Most likely one of the hardest Future 9 charts, even compared to lower 9+s. The main reason for this is for the ending part, using some patterns similar to those in Axium Crisis, the hardest 9+ song. These parts would challenge even EASY skill users. Moreover, it requires players to master the "2132312"(for earlier one) and "2312132"(for later one) technique.
  • Also, the timing can be annoying for beginners. In the verse, it requires the players to master the irregular rhythm, alternating zigzag Arcs as well as hand-crossing. Knowing which hand should be in which place is the key to deal with the hand-crossing. Watching videos where notes are audible as hand claps as well as proper calibration, can aid in dealing with the other issues. Alternating zigzag Arcs can also be practiced in Axium Crisis.


Link Player Score Sounds
Youtube higllus 10,001,108 (MAX) Finger taps
YouTube mau 10,001,108 (MAX) Finger taps
YouTube 4Mi17 10,001,003 Fingernail taps
Youtube Ritxman 10,001,101 Fingernail taps


  • Nhelv first appeared in BOFU2017. With a score of 268759 points, it placed 1st, winning the event. It was officially submitted to Arcaea, along with Fallensquare.
  • This is one of two songs with non-integer BPM, the other being Linear Accelerator.
  • This is the longest song in Arcaea.
  • This is the only song to use a background exclusive to another song ('lethaeus' background, exclusive to Lethaeus).