Luminous Sky
Luminous sky
Released 1.7.0
Songs 5+1
Cost 500 Memories
Type Main Story
The girl's mind turns empty under a bright sky...

The skies of Arcaea brighten overhead. Experience an intense story of light as Hikari journeys into the realm of the mind, into emotions and memories, without knowing of the ending that awaits her, nor the anomaly that could be her salvation...

Luminous Sky is a song pack added in version 1.7.0. It contains six songs with one anomaly song, Fracture Ray, the second song to have a level 10 Future chart. It costs 500 Memories to unlock. It also allows you to unlock two maps in Chapter 3 of World Mode in which you can obtain the Partners Hikari (Zero) and Hikari (Fracture).

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Maze No.9 アリスシャッハと魔法の楽団 (Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra) 3 3 8 2:26 159
The Message Jun Kuroda 3 6 9 2:21 202
Sulfur ぺのれり (penoreri) 4 6 9 2:23 182
Halcyon xi 5 8 9+ 2:39 191
Ether Strike Akira Complex 5 8 9+ 2:20 156
Fracture Ray Sakuzyo 6 9 10 2:35 200

Unlock Progression

Luminous Sky Progression


  • Luminous Sky's internal name is "rei", which is Japanese for "ray" or "zero".
  • Much like how Vicious Labyrinth's icon bears the artwork of Axium Crisis, this pack's icon bears the artwork of Ether Strike.
    • Also, like how Vicious Labyrinth consists of only Conflict-sode songs, this song pack consists of only Light-side songs.
  • All of the songs in this pack are composed specifically for Arcaea, except for Halcyon.
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