Lanota Collaboration
Released 1.5.5
Songs 5
Cost 500 Memories
Type Collaboration

The relentless flow of time intertwines the worlds of Arcaea and emotional music game 'Lanota'. Travel with Hikari and Lanota's 'Fisica' through powerful songs from Lanota as well as the all-new collaboration song 'Quon'!

Lanota Collaboration is a collaboration song pack containing 5 songs released in version 1.5.5. The pack costs 500 Memories to unlock and comes with the partner Hikari & Fisica.

As part of the collaboration, Chapter H was added to the Lanota. In addition to Quon, it included the songs Romance Wars, Ignotus, Lethaeus, and Lumia from Arcaea.

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Dream goes on Tiny Minim 1 5 7 2:27 174
Journey ARForest 3 6 8 2:14 200
Specta Junk 3 6 9 2:16 179
Quon Feryquitous 4 6 9 2:23 189
cyanine jioyi 4 7 9+ 2:32 182

Unlock Progression

Lanota Collaboration Progression


  • This is the first collaboration to have a song made specifically for the collaboration: Quon.
  • The jackets used for all the songs (except for Quon) are taken from artworks that appear after completing 3 challenges in Lanota.
    • Quon's cover features different characters for each games, with Ritmo and Tairitsu appearing in Lanota's side instead.
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