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Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10,001,227 (MAX) Finger taps
YouTube StaLight 10,001,202 Finger taps
YouTube Ritxman 10,001,198 Fingernail taps
YouTube RenGE124 10,001,181 Finger taps
YouTube KONSOMEth 10,000,899 None


  • Halcyon was originally made for BOF2010. With ?????? points, it placed 1st overall, making it one of the most well-known BMS songs.
    • Because of its popularity in BMS, Halcyon also appeared in Cytus, SOUND VOLTEX, Groove Coaster, CHUNITHM, オンゲキ, STELLIGHTS, Muse Dash, and Tapsonic Top.
  • Halcyon is the only song in Luminous Sky that was not composed specifically for Arcaea.