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  • For the quadruple hold notes, the Long notes appear before the Arc notes. It is easier to use thumbs for the Long notes and index fingers for the Arc notes.
    • Since Long notes can be released for a short moment without penalty, index fingers holding the notes can be quickly swapped with thumbs if necessary.

Unlock Method

For details, see Axium Crisis § Anomaly.

Grievous Lady is associated with the anomaly in Axium Crisis, and triggering it is necessary to unlock this song.



Difficulty Player Score Sounds Link Notes
Future higllus 10,001,450 Finger taps YouTube Maximum theoretical value
Future suicide 10,001,421 None YouTube
Future Ritxman 10,001,393 None YouTube
Future None 00,000,000 Hand clap YouTube Verification video for timing


  • Grievous Lady is named after the composers of the songs: Team Grimoire (Grievous) and Laur (Lady).
    • The composers of this song, Team Grimoire and Laur, also composed the two hardest tracks for Eternal Core, PRAGMATISM and Sheriruth.
  • The collaboration between Nitro and Toaster (who also made appearances in conflict and Axium Crisis respectively) is in reference to the above.
    • An early part of the future chart is identical to the beginning of Sheriruth’s Future chart, likely referencing it.
  • This is one of two songs with the highest level in all difficulties, the other being Fracture Ray.
    • These two also share that position for Present with dropdead.
    • It is the first song to have a quadruple hold notes (double floor + double arc) for Present difficulty.
    • It previously had the most notes for Future difficulty with 1450 notes until it was beaten by World Vanquisher’s 1452 notes.
    • It contains the highest average notes-per-second, with approximately 10 NPS.
  • Prior to version 2.0.0:
  • Towards the end of the preview video for Vicious Labyrinth, there is a very short teaser for this song.
  • This song can also be found in CHUNITHM as part of Arcaea x CHUNITHM collaboration.
    • CHUNITHM's EXPERT chart shares several similarities with Arcaea's PRS chart, as does CHUNITHM's MASTER chart with Arcaea's FTR chart.
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