Dynamix Collaboration
Released 1.1.2
Songs 5
Cost 500 Memories
Type Collaboration

Travel through incredible songs from the popular Mobile Rhythm Game 'Dynamix' together with their character: Sapphire. Experience an energetic new sound not yet found in Arcaea!

Dynamix Collaboration is a collaboration song pack containing 5 songs released in version 1.1.2. It requires 500 Memories to unlock and comes with the Partner Sapphire.

The fourth song, Oracle, can only be unlocked on Future after clearing the first three on Future. The final song, αterlßus, requires you to beat Oracle first for both Present and Future difficulties.

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Moonlight of Sand Castle 旅人E (Tabibito E) 1 5 7 2:27 160
REconstruction Ryazan 2 6 8 1:57 180
Evoltex (poppi'n mix) Arch vs n3pu 2 7 8 1:46 205
Oracle TQ☆ 3 5 9 2:23 152
αterlßus Aoi 4 7 9+ 2:00 202
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  • The songs in this pack use a different color for the combo counter, using green instead of purple.
    • Additionally, for Conflict side songs, the color of the note track is black instead of dark purple.
  • This is the only pack to technically have another song added to it in a later update through the addition of γuarδina to the Memory Archive.