This page lists all the chart designers who have worked on songs for Arcaea.


  • Has been charting songs for Arcaea since its release.
  • Aliases include:
    • 夜浪 - 夜 means "night" and 浪 can be read as "rou"
Song Name Notes
Sayonara Hatsukoi Nitro PST/PRS only
Vexaria Nitro
Rise Nitro
Lucifer Nitro
Shades of Light in a Transcendent Realm Nitro
GOODTEK (Arcaea Edit) Nitro
memoryfactory.lzh Nitro
Relentless Nitro
Lumia Nitro PST/PRS only
Essence of Twilight Nitro
Sheriruth 夜浪
Dandelion Nitro
Infinity Heaven Nitro
Brand new world Nitro 2.0
Paradise Nitro
Flashback Nitro
Flyburg and Endroll N, N-Helix PST/PRS, FTR
Kanagawa Cyber Culvert Nitro
Your voice so... feat. Such Nitro
REconstruction Nitro
Oracle Nitro
Blossoms Nitro
Lethaeus 夜浪
Auxesia Nitroだー!! Possibly a reference to the common phrase "海だー!!" (it's the beach!!)
Modelista NITRO
Dreamin' Attraction!! Nitro
conflict Nitro PRS
toaster + nitro FTR
Surrender Nitro
Reinvent k//eternal + nitro FTR only
Quon Nitro
next to you Nitro
cyanine 夜浪 - Apocalypse PST/PRS
夜浪 FTR
Be There Nitro "Be Nitro" on the FTR chart
Cybernecia Catharsis Kero + Nitro FTR only
Tiferet 夜浪[Spherical]
DX Choseinou Full Metal Shojo DX譜面作者フルメタルNitro "DX Charter Full Metal Nitro"
OMAKENO Stroke Kurorak
Black Territory NitroNukeδ Joint work with Taronuke
Vicious Heroism Nitro vanquish Toaster.
Cyaegha 夜浪、旧支配者 "Nitro, Great Old One"
Ikazuchi 先史の機械神【夜浪】 "God of Mechanism in Prehistory"
Vindication Nitro vs Toaster FTR
Ringed Genesis 夜浪 vs Nitro
Valhalla:0 夜浪
Monochrome Princess N↕️tro
Fracture Ray Volatile Paradox PST
Absolute Paradox PRS
Paradox Zero FTR


  • Has been charting songs for Arcaea since its release.
  • Aliases include:
    • 東星 - 東 can be read "tou" and 星 means "star"
Song Name Notes
Sayonara Hatsukoi Toaster FTR only
Fairytale Toaster
Snow White Toaster
Babaroque Toaster
Lost Civilization Toaster
cry of viyella Toaster
I've heard it said Toaster
Lumia Toaster missing Nitro. FTR only
Dement ~after legend~ Toaster
Anökumene Toaster
Party Vinyl Party Toaster
Nirv lucE 東星※紅空 紅空 means "crimson sky"
DataErr0r ToastErr0r
Clotho and the stargazer 小東星 The "小" means "small" or "little"
αterlβus τoastεr
Ignotus Toaster
Harutopia ~Utopia of Spring~ トーストピア ~Utopia of Toast~ トーストピア means "Toastopia"
Moonheart Toaster
Rabbit In The Black Room Toaster
One Last Drive Toaster
Iconoclast Toaster
conflict Toaster PST
toaster + nitro FTR
Singularity 東星 PST/PRS
東星※コラプサー FTR; コラプサー means "collapser;" stars collapse into black holes (singularities)
Corruption ₸öα$†ε₹
Vicious Heroism Nitro vanquish Toaster.
Grimheart Toaster
carmine:scythe 週刊Toaster "Weekly Toaster"
γuarδina τoastεr
Suomi Toastie
LunarOrbit -believe in the Espebranch road- 月刊Toaster "Monthly Toaster"
Hall of Mirrors Toaster
Linear Accelerator THE TOAST
ouroboros -twin stroke of the end- Groove 東星
World Vanquisher 処刑人【東星】 "Executioner [Toaster]"
Particle Arts 小東星 "Little Toaster"
Vindication Toaster PST/PRS
Nitro vs Toaster FTR
Dreadnought Astronomer(Toaster vs 東星)
A Wandering Melody of Love 恋のToaster "Toaster of love"
GLORY:ROAD 東星※紅空 紅空 means "Crimson Sky"
Heavenly caress Nitro


  • Aliases include:
    • Haruba
Song Name Notes
Chronostasis Kurorak
Moonlight of Sand Castle Kurorak
Impure Bird Kurorak
Romance Wars Kurorak
trappola bewitching Kurorak PST/PRS
k//urorak Joint work with k//eternal, FTR
Journey Kurorak
Metallic Punisher Kurorak PST/PRS only
Blaster k//urorak Joint work with k//eternal
Memory Forest Kurorak
Sulfur Shirorak
Bookmaker (2D Version) Kurorak
Purgatorium Kurorak
Rugie k//urorak Joint work with k//eternal
OMAKENO Stroke Kurorak
ReviXy Revoke Kurorak
Genesis Haruba
Fallensquare Haruba
Scarlet Lance 闇運 The kanji 闇 is read as "yami" and means "darkness", "運" means luck. Although not direct, the fact that darkness is usually represented with "black" (黒 - kuro), this alias possibly is Kurorak's.
Heavensdoor Kurorak PST/PRS
Tie me down gently Kurorak
Diode Kurorak


Song Name Notes
Blaster k//urorak Joint work with Kurorak
CROSS†SOUL k//eternal
Evoltex (poppi'n mix) k//eternal
Yosakura Fubuki k//eternal
Reinvent k//eternal PST/PRS
k//eternal + nitro FTR
Rugie k//urorak Joint work with Kurorak
trappola bewitching k//urorak Joint work with Kurorak, FTR only
Dream goes on k//eternal


  • Has also worked on Stepmania song charts
Song Name Notes
Silent Rush TaroNuke
Strongholds TaroNuke PST
TaroNukeΔ PRS
TΔroNuke FTR
ignotus -afterburn- 《WARNING》

TaroNuke vs Arcaea Charting Team

Hikari OptoNuke the word "Opto" refers to Tone Sphere's character [Optobot]
MERLIN Got More Taro? A reference to a Groove Coaster song "Got more raves?"
Black Territory NitroNukeδ Joint work with Nitro
Chelsea TaroNuke


Zero Sky

  • This is probably an alias for someone else on the team.
Song Name Notes
Ether Strike Zero Sky

The Monolith

  • This is probably an alias for someone else on the team.
Song Name Notes
Axium Crisis The Monolith


  • This is probably an alias for someone else on the team.
Song Name Notes
Grievous Lady 迷路第一層 PST, "Labyrinth 1st Stratum"
迷路第二層 PRS, "Labyrinth 2nd Stratum"
迷路深層 FTR, "Labyrinth Depths" / "Labyrinth Deepest Part"

Black Tea

  • Possibly a collaboration effort between Kurorak (kuro is "black") and Toaster (starts with "t").
Song Name Notes
Metallic Punisher Black Tea FTR
Heavensdoor Black Tea FTR


  • Possibly a joint alias of k//eternal and Kurorak.
Song Name Notes
Cybernecia Catharsis Kero PST, PRS
Kero + Nitro FTR


  • Possibly an alias for Nitro
Song Name Notes
qualia -ideaesthesia- -chartaesthesia-
Red and Blue -chartaesthesia- RED side PST
-chartaesthesia- YELLOW side PST, Colosblind Mode enabled
side BLUE -chartaesthesia- PRS
FTR, Colorblind Mode enabled
Dropdead -chartaesthesia- LIMITER:10% PST
-chartaesthesia- LIMITER:100% PRS
-chartaesthesia- LIMITER:25% (OVERDRIVE:+100%) FTR
Red and Blue and Green 《WARNING》

-chartaesthesia- and †chartaesthesia† UNCHAINED


  • Possibly an alias for k//eternal
Song Name Notes
Antithese chaos//engine

Royal Flush

  • This is probably an alias for someone else on the team.
Song Name Notes
Garakuta Doll Play Arcaea Charting Team【Royal Flush】 PST/PRS
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