CHUNITHM Collaboration
Released 2.1.0
Songs 3
Cost 300 Memories
Type Collaboration
From over the horizon come three powerful new songs from SEGA's arcade rhythm game CHUNITHM! Join Tairitsu and Chuni Penguin as you take on this monumental challenge!

CHUNITHM Collaboration is a collaboration song pack containing 3 songs released in version 2.1.0. The pack costs 300 Memories to unlock and comes with 6 partners: Tairitsu (Grievous Lady) & Chuni Penguin, and 5 limited partners: Nono Shibusawa, Haruna Mishima, Regulus (MDA-21), Pandora Nemesis (MTA-XXX), and Chuni Penguin.

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Garakuta Doll Play t+pazolite 4 6 9+ 2:04 256
Ikazuchi 光吉猛修 3 7 9+ 2:30 200
World Vanquisher void (Mournfinale) 2 5 9+ 2:44 170

Unlock Progression

CHUNITHM Collaboration Progression


  • As part of this collaboration, these songs were added to CHUNITHM:
  • This collaboration has some unique characteristics:
    • The song pack has less than 5 songs that cannot be bought individually.
    • Each of the songs have an FTR difficulty of 9+. This makes it the first pack to contain all FTR 9+, and also the most 9+ ever included in any pack.
    • All the songs involved in the collaboration from both sides are considered boss songs.
    • This is the only collaboration pack to contain a World Mode unlockable song.
    • All songs have their own backgrounds.
  • This collaboration added the most partners into the game out of any song pack.
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