Official Sound



Difficulty Player Score Sounds Link Notes
Past Noloic 10,000,385 Hit sounds YouTube Maximum Theoretical Value
Future Ritxman 10,000,975 Fingernail taps YouTube
Future suicide 10,000,995 YouTube
Future Daga 10,000,962 YouTube
Future Regulus 10,000,959 In-game clicks YouTube


  • The song was playable early at Comic Market 92 on August 10th-11th, 2017 at lowiro's booth. Visitors can pay 300 yen at the booth to get a serial code early before the official release.
  • Auxesia was used at an event at the end of Summer 2018. This is the only event song where the song was already in the game before the event started.
    • Hikari (Summer) and Tairitsu (Summer) is available to obtain throughout the event, with artwork based around the jacket, making them the first pair of partners appearing in a jacket to be added in a later date.
    • The event had a rerun in Summer 2019.
  • This song has exactly 1000 notes in its Future chart.
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