Adverse Prelude
Pack AP
Released 2.2.0
Songs 4
Cost 400 Memories
Type Main Story
Encounter, two people face each other, but the girl is...

A meandering journey, an impossible meeting. One is of light, the other conflict— and now their fates intertwine.
Four new monumental songs stand ready, wherever this meeting may lead..

Adverse Prelude is a song pack containing 4 songs released in version 2.2.0. It requires 400 Memories to unlock.

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Particle Arts Virtual Self 3 6 8 2:25 162-175
Vindication Laur 4 6 9 2:27 174
Heavensdoor LeaF 4 7 9 2:10 240
Ringed Genesis Edelritter 5 8 9+ 2:12 160

Unlock Progression

Adverse Prelude Progression


  • Adverse Prelude's internal name is "prelude", which makes it the only pack out of all story packs to have an English internal name instead of a Japanese one.
  • Particle Arts is not shown in the Official PV. This is the first case that all songs are not included in the PV.
  • This is the first main story pack to contain less than 5 songs that cannot be bought individually.
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