Achievements were added in version 1.5.3. There are currently 40 achievements total, with 11 being hidden. The Points column is for Game Center on iOS devices, while the XP column is for Google Play on Android devices.


Achievement Conditions Points XP Notes
The Start of a Journey Play a song in World Mode 5 500
Shooting Star Play a song in an Event Map in World Mode 10 1000
Partnership Unlock a Partner in World Mode 5 500
Discovery Unlock a song in World Mode 5 500
Remembrance Achieve Full Recall on any song 10 1000
Beginnings Achieve Pure Memory on any song 20 2000
Reflex Training Clear a song using Note Speed 2.0 or above 5 500
Challenger Clear a song using a HARD recollection rate 5 times 20 2000
Savior Clear a song using EASY recollection rate 5 times 10 1000
Reflections Clear a song using a MIRROR ability 5 times 10 1000 Using Hikari (Summer) counts towards this.
Companionship Add a friend 5 500
Extrovert Add 5 friends 10 1000
Metronome Achieve maximum score on a song 30 3000
Friend of Arcaea Purchase any amount of Memories 30 3000
Wanderer Clear 50 patterns 10 1000
Traveller Clear 100 patterns 20 2000
Gatherer Possess 1000 fragments 10 1000
Collector Possess 3000 fragments 20 2000
Grand Collector Possess 5000 fragments 30 3000
Eternal Companion Raise a Partner to level 20 30 3000
Daybreak Achieve AA rank or above on 20 patterns 10 1000
Zenith Achieve AA rank or above on 50 patterns 20 2000
Dusk Achieve EX rank on 20 patterns 20 2000
North Star Achieve EX rank on 50 patterns 30 3000
Remnant of the Past Reach Potential 2.00 10 1000
Promise in the Present Reach Potential 5.00 20 2000
Dreams for the Future Reach Potential 8.00 30 3000
The World Beyond Reach Potential 11.00 40 4000
Seeker Achieve Pure Memory on 5 Future patterns 40 4000


Achievement Conditions Points XP Notes
World Instability Experience an Anomaly 20 2000
Ahead of time Clear a song with 5 or more Fars where all Fars are Early 5 500
Falling Behind Clear a song with 5 or more Fars where all Fars are Late 5 500
Borderline Clear a song with 70% recollection rate 5 500
Nice Try Fail a song with 69% recollection rate 5 500
Technically Clear Clear a song with a D grade 5 500
Off-Beat Fail a song with an AA grade 5 500
Diligent Student Achieve Pure Memory on the Basic Tutorial 5 500
Top of the Class Achieve Pure Memory on the Advanced Tutorial 5 500
Forever Lost Clear a song with 1 Lost and no Far 5 500
Far from Perfect Clear a song with 1 Far and no Lost 5 500


While most achievements are purely skill-based, there are several ones that you can get fairly easily if you know what to do.

  • Technically Clear - In order to get a D grade, you have to get less than 8,600,000 points. The idea is to skip the first section of a song entirely, then do well enough on the rest to clear anyway. 8.6 million equates to about 14% of the song you'll need to skip. Obviously, don't use a HARD partner for this.
    • Alternatively, and this is probably harder, you can mess with your offset on a really easy song and proceed to get a FAR on almost every note. Charts with lots of arcs or long notes (like qualia -ideaesthesia- [PRS]) is probably impossible to do this.
  • Off-Beat - In order to get an AA grade, you'll need at least 9,500,000 points. Pick a HARD skilled partner and an easy song to get Full Recall or above (or at least just a high accuracy), and when you get to that point value, stop playing. Any chart with at least 280 notes will work; any less and you'll lose the song at the end.
    • Another way would be playing with the default Recollection Rate. When you reach 9,500,000 score, stop playing. Make sure the rest of the song contains at least 16 notes, since while having a full normal gauge 16 'LOST' notes will get you to 68%.
    • This achievement is most straightforward to obtain with Hikari (Zero) as the selected partner, as her skill causes the Recollection Rate to be set to 0% upon a 'LOST' note.
  • Borderline - Select a non-EASY-or-HARD skilled partner. Reach 100% Recollection Rate before the last 15 notes, then have those notes untouched.
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